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Lunch & Nutrition

We expect students to go home for lunch if there is a parent or guardian at home as students need a break.  To accommodate working parents, we have a lunchroom staffed by paid supervisors.   Monthly lunchroom fees are set at the beginning of each school year and communicated to each family at that time.

Regular school rules and expectations are still in effect during the noon hour and in our lunchrooms.   Any child not meeting these expectations will lose the privilege of staying at school for lunch for 5 days.  Parents will be notified and will need to make other arrangements for supervision of their child for lunch outside of the school.


Litterless Lunch Program

For 2013-14 we will continue to ask all students to PACK IN AND PACK OUT by bringing a “litterless lunch”.  Overlanders School has already committed to paper and juice box recycling.  Although this greatly helps the environment, we would now like to implement a more community environment friendly approach to our school lunch program.  A school the size of Overlanders generates thousands of kilos of lunch waste each year.  We wish to reduce this by implementing a “Litterless Lunch Program” – a lunch that leaves no waste, where students take home everything they don’t eat.

How to pack a litterless lunch:

  • Make the commitment
  • Pack all food in reusable containers (with tight fitting lids) such as Tupperware, thermos etc.  Please no glass bottles or containers.
  • Have an extra container for a fruit or vegetable waste (banana peels, apple cores)
  • Consider packing snacks in reusable containers so our playground remains “litter free”
  • Juice boxes/cans are still welcome because we recycle them.
  • Please supply plastic utensils required for your child’s lunch (spoons and forks only - please do not send knives)

Hopefully, this will foster more environmental awareness amongst citizens of Overlanders School.

Remember when your child brings home his/her lunch bag…. 

  • Recycle any plastic or paper produce (we are unable to provide paper towels) 
  • Try composting biodegradable produce waste             
  • Rinse out reusable containers.

Microwave use - please do not send frozen meals as students are only allowed one minute for warm ups

Lunchroom Guidelines

After input from students, parents and staff the following guidelines will be followed in offering a lunchroom program at Overlanders:

Lunchroom supervision will be provided to:

all students who take the yellow bus to Overlanders from Canon Ridge area;
all students who have parent(s) working and noon hour supervision cannot be provided by another parent/guardian, day care or babysitter.  It is highly recommended all children have a break from school at noon hour.  Fresh air and a walk to a neighbour's home can offer the energy needed for the afternoon;
Lunchroom privileges are not a right.  They are a privilege.  Our lunchroom program is a service provided by the school to assist working parents.  Parents are encouraged to use the lunchroom service only as necessary.  
Inappropriate Behaviour (Parents will be informed as to each step.):
Step 1: Children who do not act in a respectful manner will receive one warning, parents will be phoned.
Step 2: Children will eat lunch in a segregated space for one week during which time best behaviour is expected, if not we move to the third step.
Step 3: Parents will have to make other arrangements for their children at lunchtime for a minimum of 5 days.

During lunch students will:

  • Respect others and themselves at all times.
  • Listen to the direction of the supervising adult and follow supervisors' directions.
  • Stay seated in assigned eating space and use the washroom, recycle bin, water fountain only with permission.
  • Use an indoor voice to quietly visit with lunchroom friends
  • Clean-up assigned eating space before being dismissed.
  • Be responsible for belongings (lunch kits, clothes, etc.)
  • Leave other students’ lunches and personal property alone.

Our supervisors are paid employees of our school district and we appreciate their efforts on behalf of our Overlanders families.  Children are expected to follow the directions of supervising adults.  School rules are always in effect and are expected to be followed.